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Dog Walker
Dog Walker at the Park
Taking the dog for a walk

Dog Training Walks

Dogs are the descendants of wolves, who are some of the most successful hunting animals of our day. Wolves travel in packs for long distances every day, looking for prey. Traveling in a pack not only provides the wolf with an opportunity for catching large game, but also, by necessity, teaches every member in the pack how to follow the pack leader and pay attention to his directions.


Basically, a pack member who does not know how to behave on a hunt will cause the pack to lose the prey and go hungry. Wolves like that are either brought in line very quickly or, in the interest of survival, run out of the pack.

Despite the fact that our domestic dogs do not need to hunt for their food, the need to travel in a pack is still deeply ingrained in them. Walking is one of the best forms of physical exercise for dogs, and when combined with a pack structure, also provides good mental stimulation and discipline.


Dogs that do not get to walk on a regular basis tend to exhibit many behaviors usually attributed to anxiety and can escalate to obsessive behaviors and outright aggression. Moreover, allowing your dog to run around with other dogs at an off-leash dog park as the only form of exercise can actually contribute to his level of anxiety and dominance-drive, making him that much more difficult to control at home. Have you noticed how many dogs become "deaf" at the dog park, ignoring their owners despite being called, chased, yelled at, or enticed by treats or toys?

Although it is best for the dog to go on a walk with his owner, it is sometimes not possible due to the owner's busy schedule or limited physical ability. The next best option is to have somebody else take the dog on proper, disciplined walks on a regular basis. The dog's innate needs for discipline and walking in a pack are satisfied, leaving a much more relaxed (and tired) pooch to greet you at home.

My version of a Pack Walk is a combination of a walk and a training session. It fulfills the dog's innate need to go on a hunt with his pack, develops strong discipline, and creates a desire in his mind to follow a leader.  This desire remains with the dog long after the walk is over, thus making it easier for his owners to assume and maintain a leadership role in the home.

Program Details

Most dogs respond best to two or three Pack Walks per week, but even one Pack Walk per week is of great benefit. Each Pack Walk is one hour long and is always led by a trainer who knows how to ask for and receive the dog's full attention. Your dog will be asked to not only walk on a loose lead, but will also be required to ignore barking dogs, joggers, and kids on bicycles or skateboards, as well as obey commands like sit, stay, and come. In effect, the Pack Walk becomes your dog's job and physical exercise.

The Pack Walk is appropriate for dogs over the age of six months and is currently available to clients who live within a 15 mile one-way driving distance from Trumbull, CT.



Pack Walks are given at a rate of $45/hour. 

How to Enroll

Pack Walks are scheduled to fit into your schedule. Please call or email us to set up your Pack Walks.

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