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Problem Solving for Dogs

Many of us live with dogs who are just fine. They obey most of our commands, and we are happy with them... except for just one or two "little" things.

Is your dog a counter surfer? ( for those of you who don't know this term, it means a dog that steals food or other objects off the kitchen counters or tables). Does your dog bark all day? Or does he rip and tear at the door or window, trying to get at the mailman? Does your dog bite at your hands when you try to groom him? Is he aggressive towards other people or animals? Does he jump on people? Does he destroy objects in the house?

If all you want is to just stop certain behaviors, then this may be the program for you.

Program Details

Problem Solving is appropriate for dogs and puppies of all ages. Each lesson in this program is two hours long. Most of the time, one or two unwanted behaviors can be stopped in a single lesson. Very strong minded (stubborn) dogs, with solidly ingrained behaviors, may require a second lesson. Pleasecall or email us with your questions so that we may estimate the amount of time required to solve your dogs behavior issues.


Each Problem Solving lesson (2 hours) costs $225.

Please add $35 to each lesson if one-way travel in excess of 35 miles from Trumbull, CT is required.



Dogs must be healthy at the time of the lesson and have no fleas, ticks, runny eyes, diarrhea, or sneezing.

How to Enroll

This is a private lesson plan, and can be scheduled to fit into your schedule. Please call or email us to set up your lessons.

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