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Basic Dog Obedience

How would you describe a well behaved dog? Most people would respond that a well behaved dog walks on a loose leash without pulling, sits and lays down when told, comes to you when called, does not jump up on people, does not bark incessantly, and stays away from the table when people are eating. I am sure every one of us could add a few things to this list.

The interesting thing is, that despite knowing all of this information, many people cannot achieve this level of good behavior with their dogs. Part of it may be due to the person's lack of knowledge of how to teach a specific command. Another part may be the person's inability to assert themselves as leaders of their pack, giving their dog the option of not obeying commands.

The Basic Obedience program teaches the owners how to become pack leaders and how to teach their dogs the basic obedience commands. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to focus your dog's attention on you and say please by sitting for everything he wants.

  • How to ensure that your dog listens to all members of your family, not just you.

  • How to teach your dog the basic obedience commands of Heel, Sit, Automatic Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave-It, and Off.

  • How to teach your dog to enjoy petting, bathing, and grooming and hold still for nail trimming and physical examinations at the vet's office.

  • How to teach the dog to ride in a car nicely, especially if the ride is to the vet.

  • How to teach your dog to not react to kids, bicycles, skateboards, and other dogs on a walk.

  • How to teach your dog to stop begging and stay away from the table when people are eating.


Program Details

The Basic Obedience program is appropriate for dogs over the age of six months. The younger the dog starts on this program, the better he will be trained and socialized and with fewer issues.

The Basic Obedience program is a series of six private weekly lessons. The first lesson takes two hours, with subsequent lessons taking one hour each. Fewer or greater number of lessons can be scheduled, depending on owner's needs and progress.

The first lesson includes a thorough evaluation of the dog and family, to ensure that the training methods and pace enable the owners to achieve their goals. Initial lessons are given in the owner's home, keeping both the owner and dog on familiar grounds. Later lessons may be given at different locations, to help acclimate the dog to different environments and distractions.


The first lesson is $180 (2 hours). 
Each subsequent 1-hour lesson is $140.
Please add $35 to each lesson if one-way travel in excess of 35 miles from Trumbull, CT is required.



Dogs must be healthy at the time of the lesson and have no fleas, ticks, runny eyes, diarrhea, or sneezing.

For each class you will need:

  • A hungry dog - Avoid feeding your dog prior to class (skip his last scheduled meal prior to class).

  • Your dog's regular kibble food, as well as some tasty bite sized treats (such as Natural Balance Food Roll, chopped into small bite sized pieces).

  • A treat bag/bait bag: It should clip onto your belt and be easy to access so that you can reward using the right timing.


How to Enroll

This is a private lesson plan, and can be scheduled to fit into your schedule. Please call or email us to set up your lessons.

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