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Custom Dog Behavior Lessons

For dogs and puppies of all ages - There are times when your needs are not addressed by standard training lessons. Maybe you want your dog to learn to perform certain tasks or "tricks" or become a good "boat dog". Are you afraid of dogs but would like to overcome your fears and finally be able to participate in family functions at a home that has dogs? Or even own one yourself?

When standard lessons do not provide the answer, I can design a program to address your specific needs.

I've had inquiries about teaching dogs all kinds of things. One example of a not so unique request came from a family that wanted to get their puppy to get into the swimming pool (the puppy was terrified of the water). This was very important, as the family are avid boaters and for his own safety, the dog had to learn how to swim and not panic in the water.

Other requests are much more unacceptable. As a rule, Behave Dog Training, LLC will not engage in any training that promotes aggression by the dog. If you are interested in teaching your dog to become a guard dog, there are many sources and responsible trainers of guard or attack dogs elsewhere.

Please call or email us to discuss your particular situation.

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